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Yamalube 4-Stroke Marine Oil (4M) 12 Quart Case - 20W40 - Southern

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Product Number: LUB-20w40-fc-12-s

Yamalube® 4-M Four Stroke Oil Four-Stroke Marine 4M FC-W® Re-formulation 4M FC-W®  4M FC-W® (SAE 20W-40) - Case=12 quarts
Better for Your Yamaha Don’t trust your Yamaha to off-the-shelf substitutes. This is the oil designed for your four-stroke Yamaha outboard – precisely formulated to Yamaha’s uncompromising standards and extensively performance tested. Better Marine Protection.
The trend in marine power is moving to four-stroke technology. Though many of these engines are in the same displacement and power output range as high-performance automobile engines, marine operating conditions are significantly more challenging. Four-stroke marine engines are subjected to high loads and extended full-throttle operation while operating in an environment that includes high humidity and salt air. In these severe conditions, premium lubricity is critical.
Which is why the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) created the FC-W® rating, a performance standard specifically for oil used in four-stroke marine engines. Yamalube 4-M is FC-W® certified. Better Lubrication Yamalube 4-M surpasses Yamaha factory requirements, with a superior formulation that provides... - a higher level of bearing protection - superior rust and corrosion resistance - polymers that resist breaking down – even under the severe high load, high speed conditions common to outboards - more anti-wear additives than regular passenger car motor oils - and the highest amount of detergents and dispersants, needed to keep your marine engine clean inside. Better Results The difference?
 Easier starts, dependable protection, while enabling your engine to deliver high performance and longer engine life. Protect your investment and give your Yamaha four-stroke outboard the protection it deserves - insist on Yamalube 4M FC-W®. Available exclusively at your authorized Yamaha Marine dealer.
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